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Even though life on the territory of Srijem and Nijemci started back in the Stone Age, first records of the place date back to the first century and the time of the Roman Empire. In 6th century, the Romans were replaced by the Avars, the Croats arrived in the 8th century, while as of the 15th century until the intrusion of the Turks, Nijemci were in the possession of the Zápolya noble family who even produced a Hungarian-Croatian king.

In 16th century, the place was conquered by Suleiman the Magnificent, and a little over a century and a half of Ottoman rule brought economic and demographic progress andthe place got a mosque and a hamam. Not only this –it became the centre of the Catholic Church in Srijem.

The Turks left, centuries passed, generals, cultures and customs changed…, and the plain remained just as beautiful.


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Birdwatchers say that in Nijemci one can see more bird species in an hour than in all the other places in several days. Even if you are not a passionate lover of this relaxing hobby, walk to the Sopotacexcursion site with the Birdwatching centre. From the centre of the place, it can be reached on a five kilometre long tourist thematic path ‘Let’s go to Srijem’with informative panels and rest stops with smart benches. There are attractive terrains for an active vacation, watchtowers surrounded by shepherd’s homes (salaš) andthe relaxing Bosut.You can simply let yourself go and enjoy the Srijem plains as far as your eyes can see.


  1. 1. The arboretum in the centre of the place reveals what a traditional Srijem garden looks like.
  2. 2. The Luka Natali Native Museum in the Pastoral centre got its name after the Belgrade bishop and apostolic vicar of the lands under the Turkish occupation.
  3. 3. The St. Catherine catamarannavigating on the calm Bosut and the mystic Spačvaoffersa most beautiful river adventure.
  4. 4. A solar-powered canoe or boat is an ideal choice for active vacation lovers who wish to enjoy the Srijem rivers from a new perspective.
  5. 5. The Srijem cycling route passes through the place and the Sopotac excursion site, while on the territory of Nijemci, there are three more trails meandering through the most beautiful of landscapes.

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To come to Srijem and not taste‘kulen’ or ‘kulenova seka’, bacon or sausages, almost equals sin. In the homely spirit, each dish wills start with a small glass of aromatic plum brandy (šljivovica).


Experience an authentic connection with the nature in the quiet of the Spačva forest, one of the largest entirely common oak forests in Europe. By boat, bicycle or on foot – it does not matter. You will enjoy it.

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• Carnival horseback riding in February
• ‘Divan je kićeni Srijem’in June