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The Orion was found here – the first Indo-European calendar!
Two Roman emperors were born here, brother emperors Valentinian and Valens, and two early Christian saints, Eusebie and Polion, lived here as well. The double moulds for the casting of an axe were discovered here, the ceramic stove, the Slavic cremation graves from the seventh century, as well as remnants of the somewhat later ‘Bijelo Brdo’ Culture with the mediaeval settlement; special baroque style of the military frontier type remains from the period after the Ottoman Empire.
Welcome to Vinkovci, the oldest settlement in Europe in which people have been living for eight thousand years. Behind the seemingly peaceful Slavonian town, a creative urban scene is hiding today with a long tradition in the comics culture and popular rock bands.

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Start from the most beautiful baroque monument in Vinkovci, the Vinkovci Town Museum, in which, by means of a hologram, you can get to know baron Josip Šokčević. Visit also his birth house and feel the atmosphere of the old Krnjaš, one of the rare remaining typical Šokac streets. From Krnjaš to the centre, walk along the most beautiful Dionizije Švagelj promenade on Bosut. Do not miss a walk on the Korzo, the strict centre of the town and enjoy in the surroundings of the historic buildings from the 18th century – the Gymnasium, the secession style Brod Municipality building and the house of doctor Georgijević, nowadays housing the Tourist Board. Walk in the Great Park, Prkos and the Street of Jurja Dalmatinac – the popular “fairy street” in which the rich inhabitants of Vinkovci of Jewish origin used to live.


  1. 1. The Vinkovci Town Museum keeps invaluable collections of the oldest European settlement. There you will also find out about the meaning of Orion, the first Indo-European calendar.
  2. 2. The Church of St. Eusebie and Polion, in the park in the centre of the town is the largest church in Vinkovci, while another seven churches speak of its rich sacral heritage.
  3. 3. The archaeological park and the Sopot excursion site with six Sopot houses is connected to the centre by a 3 km long pedestrian and cycling route.
  4. 4. Birds – unique sculptures on the embankment of the Bosut, are a gift of Dina Merhav, a world-renowned artist who used to live in the ‘fairy street’ in Vinkovci.
  5. 5. The Kunjevci forest is an attractive excursion site and a hunting tourism destination. It can be reached by the yellow, red and blue cycling route starting from the bridge over the Bosut. When you come to Kunjevci, leave your bicycles and riding in eco-mobiles look for the deer.

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That an oilcake is very delicious will be confirmed to you by anyone who once tasted it. Gourmets simply adore it and even the strongest of characters bow before its scent. Only in Vinkovci can you taste the dishes of the old Cibalians (inhabitants of the ancient Vinkovci) from the times of the Roman Empire excellently completed by the Valnes craft beer. It got its name after one of the two Roman emperors from Vinkovci, of course, the one who was better known after his nick-name ‘beer skin’. #onlywithus #uniqueexperience Attracted by the irresistible scent of coffee, feel the rhythm of the modern Vinkovci in one of the numerous cafes on Korzo covered in the motives of Orion. You will enjoy the ritual of drinking this hot beverage in a unique baroque and secession ambient. You cannot imagine a better setting for rest and relaxation in a town on whose territory life has been taking place for eight thousand years.

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• Roman days in May
• Autumn in Vinkovci in September