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Since back in the 3rd century the Roman emperor Probus discovered the fertile slopes of the Fruška GoraMountain and planted vines, wine has become an integral part of life of the people of Ilok. In 17th century, the Odescalchi noble family offered the first bottled wines in Europe in their cellars, while in the 19th century the English court got to love them. How much the British appreciate the wines of Ilok is revealed also by the fact that traminac from Ilok was drank at the coronation of Queen Elisabeth II some sixty years ago, and nowadays it is drank in the most festive of occasions, too.

Located between the powerful Danube and the hills of the Srijemvineyards, this eno-gastronomic destination is one of the most picturesque towns in this part of Europe. This flattering title was confirmed also by Michelin, recommending the Hotel Dunav Restaurant in Ilok.


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A visit to the protected cultural and historic complex cannot be missed. Its centre preserves a fort from the 14th and 15th centuries –then the seat of Nikolaof Ilok, governor of Croatia and King of Bosnia. There is also the church and sanctuary of Saint John of Capestrano, rare Ottoman monuments – ‘turbe’and ‘hamam’from the times of Suleiman the Magnificent, the Odescalchi castle, the old wine cellar, while on the Southern side of the fort there is a park simply inviting for a walk.

After that, take the Danube promenade and enjoy the beauty of the river. Coffee on the Danube –an invaluable experience!


  1. 1. The church, monastery and the sanctuary of Saint John of Capestrano are attractive monuments and testimonies of centuries of relations between the East and the West.Get to know the life of the saint and his contemporary, Nikola of Ilok,through a hologram presentation in the Brnjaković manor house.
  2. 2. In the Odescalchi castle, there is the Museum of the Town of Ilok with a modern exhibition on three floors.
  3. 3. The old wine cellar from the 15th century is one of the largest and oldest in this part of Europe,today owned by the Ilok cellars, the most awarded Croatian winery.With another fifteen top wineries, it makes the attractive Ilok wine road offering the best wines.
  4. 4. Ilok and the Danube! One cannot be without the other. A walk along the embankment or a boat ride are the best way to feel the river.
  5. 5. Principovac with its country estate is the most beautiful winegrowing position,which you can visit by a small tourist train. You will enjoy the beauty of the vineyard the best with a glass of the supreme Traminac, sparkling wine or Ilok brandy.

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In the rich offer of the Ilok specialties, should you opt for fish stewwithout bones, you will not make a mistake. It is prepared there with a lot of love and lots of red peppers giving it its recognisable aroma due to which it has become one of the synonyms of the gastronomic offer of Srijemand Slavonia.



Greet the sun where it enters Croatia –by yourself or in company, but by no means without the best Croatian Traminac. A unique experience 

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