Church of St. Peter and Paul, Šarengrad

Bernardina Leakovića 13 32234 Šarengrad
Tel: 032/518 999

In the 11th century, there was a Benedictine or a Templar monastery and a church in Šarengrad. In the census of parishes of 1332-1337, the parish church of St. Peter was mentioned. With the beginning of the 15th century, Vice-Roy Ivan Moroviki built the monastery with the Church of Holy Ghost (Crkva Svetog Duha), which he handed over to the Franciscans of the Bosnia vicary in 1420. The Franciscans were active in Šarengrad also in the time of the Ottoman rule. After the liberation of Slavonia in 1658, the Franciscans from Tuzla came to Šarengrad and renewed the church and the monastery. Since 1743-1757, the monastery was renewed and the church was turned into the baroque style. Recently, archeological and architectural researches in the church and around the church have been renewed in order that the church could be restored in the most original way possible. Until today, elements of the Gothic have been preserved in the sanctuary, and the medieval tower-monument is particularly important. The only preserved medieval monastery in Slavonia is exactly the Šarengrad one, which was lately transferred to the Carmelite nuns and rearranged into St. Joseph's monastery.